Professional Glass Tile Cutter

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No need for angle grinders, this is the perfect 2 In 1 tool for cutting glass and tiles!

This 2 in 1 Professional Glass Tile Cutter will cut your glass with ease and convenience! It is a handheld glass knife artifact for easy and precise cutting of hard and delicate objects.

High Quality – Made from a high-strength steel material with a long expectancy of useability. The handle is housed in a durable and hard ABS material.

Precise and No Dust Cutter – Use this high-strength glass cutter in all your delicate glass and ceramic works. It effectively prevents dust while cutting. It can also precisely create angle cuts with ease. 

 Smart Design – It has an ergonomically designed handle for excellent cutting grip, a sharp cutting glass knife that cuts hard objects easily, a precise marking device for making a scratch, and a  screw handle for easy cracking of objects to cut.
✅ Convenient To Carry – This is so portable and lightweight. This can be placed into your toolbag, handbag, or even in your pocket when traveling to your place of work.

Multifunction – This is a useful home and work tool. A good cutting tool in home construction or renovation. This is also a useful tool for DIY glass, ceramic crafting projects, and more!

1. Use the attached glass knife for constant rate & create a scratch.
2. Align the center mark of the tool with the scratch.
3. Turn the screw top handle to crack the tile, glass, marble, etc.


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