Wristband Rearview Mirror

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This is Perfect for being safe in any type of traffic or event, on any type of road!

This new bike mirror gives you a clear view of cars, trucks, and other cyclists, so you can stay safe when you’re riding in traffic or changing lanes. By not having to glance over the shoulder you avoid the danger of veering to the side or not reacting to what’s in front of you.


🚲Light and Comfortable – You won’t even feel it is there since it is made of a soft and breathable fabric and weighs only 34 grams.

🚲 Breathable Fabric – The wristband is made of net hole cloth. Wrist won’t get hot no matter how long you ride your bicycle. 

🚲 Easy To Use – Just simply slip on the wrist mirror, fold it back and attach the velcro to the desired position, that’s all you need to do for added safety.

🚲 360° Adjustable – Mount with an elastic fastening belt that can adjust this bicycle mirror to adult or children’s wrist. Also can be rotated around the wrist to find the best rearview for yourself.


  • 1 x Wristband Rearview Mirror


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